Envirowash, Inc. power washing works on removing stone surfaces of all dirt & debris. This step will ensure that not only the surface is free of dirt, but removing the area any grass, weeds or moss growing between the joints.

We will seal the stone, which will dramatically reduce the risk of future grass, weed & vegetation growth between the stones. It also helps with the stability of the entire area. Stone sealer will protect the surface from chemical spills such as gas, oil, antifreeze etc. Sealers also prevent the surface from getting damaged by salt in the winter months and also help keep the surface clean and free of dirt & traffic build up, haze from exhaust pipes and more.

stone power washing

About Envirowash

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Since 2001, Envirowash has been washing homes and commercial buildings in the Richmond, VA area. In 2012, we opened a new location in Virginia Beach to service the Norfolk / Tidewater areas providing professional exterior maintenance services. Our staff has a combined 75+ years of experience pressure washing buildings, so we’ve cleaned just about everything that can be power washed. We are fully insured to handle any and all of exterior cleaning needs - from concrete, to siding, to roof shingles, to fences and more.


Envirowash Better Business Bureau Richmond, VA and Virginia Beach, VAEPA certified pressure washing company in Virginia Beach and Richmond, VA. SWAM certified pressure washing company in Richmond, VA and Virginia Beach, VA. Pressure washer on Angie's List in Richmond, VA and Virginia Beach, VA.

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