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Happy Thanksgiving!

We will be closed in observance of Thankgiving. We will re-open on Monday with our normal office hours.

We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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Enviroguard Introduction


Crawl Space Encapsulation ● Attic Radiant Barriers

We are excited to introduce Enviroguard!

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Get Attic Radiant Barriers & Save 25% Energy Cost (avg.)

Source: US Department of Energy

Originally developed by NASA to insulate astronauts from extreme temperatures, Radiant Barriers warm your home in the coolest way. The highly reflective foil surfaces reflect radiant heat into your home to keep you warm in winter. In addition, they reflect heat out during the summer months to keep you cool. This newer, more efficient insulation technology keeps your energy bill lower than traditional insulation all year long.

Crawl Space Encapsulation Saves You 15% (avg.) Source: US Department of Energy

Encapsulating your crawl space is another great way to make your home more energy efficient, and it can increase indoor air quality as well. Not only that, but encapsulation offers added protection to your home's foundation and ductwork by managing water and moisture within the crawl space, and added protection to wood structures from termites and other insects.

Guarding your home against the elements.

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Roof Cleaning, the correct way

Roof Cleaning


Not only is your roof an important visual component of your home or business but it also plays a very important role in the overall life of your structure.

There are three key components for roof cleaning:

Evirowash Roof Cleaning

Using very low pressure insures no damage to shingles. High pressure washing should not be used on roofs! Using high pressure can actually wash away the protective granules, damage the shingles, and damage the underlay. Hot water cleans better than cold. The equipment on our trailers can heat the water up to 200 degrees. The heated water practically melts all of the filth away. Our heated water method removes mold, algae, and mildew that are discoloring your roof and kills the spore at the root. Envirowash's proprietary roof cleaning solution includes a detergent and a fungicide. This cleaning solution will effectively remove those stubborn fungus stains and kill any fungal growth.

Roof cleaning should be looked at as necessary preventative maintenance for any roofing system. Following this process will restore its original beauty and avoid early aging and premature roof replacement.

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Low pressure vs high pressure

The type of wash you use has everything to do with the surface to be cleaned.

Cleaning a surface properly is not about how much pressure you can use; it's about using the proper cleaners with the proper procedures to clean it.

However, there are two main types of pressure washing methods, low pressure and high pressure. Fully understanding the different types of surfaces is imperative to insure there is no damage.

Soft washing is the process of applying low pressure and environmentally safe cleaning detergents followed by rinsing the solution and any contaminants off the surface. Soft washing benefits include:
  • Reduced chance of damaging the surface
  • More thorough, detailed results through proper cleaning solution selection and low pressure
  • Extends the life of the paint
  • Kills fungi (bacteria, mold and mildew)
High pressure washers use only water to clean concrete, metal, and remove surface layers. Risks of using a high pressure washer:
  • Damage to siding, driveways, and even brick
  • Damaged roof by stripping the granules off and ripping the shingles
  • Broken windows and torn window screens
  • Water intrusion through doors and windows
  • Only removes fungi, doesn't prevent it from coming back

At Envirowash, we effectively clean your siding, roof, deck and more in a safe manner.

No more damaging effects of high pressure or harsh detergents. We guarantee it.

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Roof Cleaning


Of all the structures that sustain a home, the roof has the toughest of jobs.

  The roof is your home's first line of defense from the ever-changing hazards of nature. It is constantly exposed to the various natural elements which may contribute to decay and deterioration. Inevitably, this increases the vulnerability of the roof itself and everything below it. Envirowash Roof Wash Another required task is to assist in maintaining the climate of your home's interior. On top of its functional responsibilities, your roof's appearance serves as a reflection of the overall quality of your home. Why roof cleaning is beneficial:

  • increases the life
  • increases property value
  • reduces energy costs

  The appearance of fungi (moss, mold, fungus, lichen, or algae) is not just a cosmetic issue. These little plants eat away at the shingles and leave your roof porous and prone to water damage. Algae growth on shaded or damp areas can cause it to rot and deteriorate. Maintaining a roof will save you from possible replacement. A roof that is dirty or covered in stains reflects negatively on your care for the property. A roof is one of the first things a potential buyer notices, which is understandable because replacing a roof is a major expense. Soft washing to remove those stains will prevent any home buyer from stalling on an offer. Keeping your roof clean and free from stains not only increases the curb-appeal but it also helps maintain the property and re-sale value. Dark stains actually act as a sponge and absorb the suns heat. By removing black stains you provide a more reflective surface. The more reflective your roof is the more heat it will force away resulting in a lower energy bill. Fortunately, those stains can be removed safely and effectively using a soft wash detergent application. Your roof should serve to protect your home and the invaluable things within it, preventative cleaning ensures it is doing its best job.  

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Since 2001, Envirowash has been washing homes and commercial buildings in the Richmond, VA area. In 2012, we opened a new location in Virginia Beach to service the Norfolk / Tidewater areas providing professional exterior maintenance services. Our staff has a combined 75+ years of experience pressure washing buildings, so we’ve cleaned just about everything that can be power washed. We are fully insured to handle any and all of exterior cleaning needs - from concrete, to siding, to roof shingles, to fences and more.


Envirowash Better Business Bureau Richmond, VA and Virginia Beach, VAEPA certified pressure washing company in Virginia Beach and Richmond, VA. SWAM certified pressure washing company in Richmond, VA and Virginia Beach, VA. Pressure washer on Angie's List in Richmond, VA and Virginia Beach, VA.

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